BAHRAIN, Iraq — In an interview, an Iraqi marine engineer and former Marine Corps chief who has served in Iraq says the country has the ability to become an aquatic production hub if the United States decides to invest in it.

In the interview with The Globe and Mail, Abu Hamza al-Ali, a senior manager with the Marine Industries Administration (MIA), said the country could become a marine hub in a matter of years, and has already been able to produce some of its own products, including fish, by the tens of millions.

“The United States is a world leader in marine technology,” Ali said, adding that he hopes the United State will provide Iraq with the support and technology needed to make that happen.

“If the United Sates decides to create a marine facility, it will be a great opportunity for us to make a good profit and invest in our industries and create jobs.”

Iraq has been working with foreign companies to develop marine facilities since the 1970s, when Saddam Hussein built and ran the country’s first marine facility.

Now, the country is in the midst of the process of acquiring several more.

According to Ali, the United Nations has given Iraq the green light to invest at least $20-million in the development of an aquatic plant that could be used to produce fish, shellfish, and other aquatic products.

“We will make it work,” Ali told The Globe.

“There are several companies working on it.

“Iraq has invested in the marine industry in the past,” he said. “

“It’s the best of the best.” “

Iraq has invested in the marine industry in the past,” he said.

“It’s the best of the best.”

The first facility is expected to be completed by 2021, according to the Marine Industry Administration.

The Marine Industries Department, which Ali heads, has been responsible for planning the marine facility since the 1980s.

The agency is now working on a proposal for the new facility, which is expected be completed within a year.

The government is also considering whether to establish a Marine Fisheries Institute, Ali said.

The proposed facility would include a training facility for personnel and equipment, a manufacturing plant and a processing plant.

It would be built in the Al-Umma district, in the south of Baghdad, which includes a port and a marine terminal.

It is also proposed that it will have a terminal for export to the United Arab Emirates.

“This facility is part of the marine industrial development plan of the government of Iraq,” Ali explained.

The marine industry will be one of the pillars of Iraq’s development.” “

A new facility will be needed for the whole country to be able to handle all its fish production and marine products.

The marine industry will be one of the pillars of Iraq’s development.”

He added that Iraq could begin exporting fish from the proposed facility within a month.

“With this facility, we will be able increase our marine production,” he added.

“What we are proposing is that the marine product would be produced at this facility.”

According to the Marines, the Marine Fisheries Administration will operate the facility and the marine terminal, which would be run by the Ministry of Water Resources.

The Marines said they hope to establish the Marine Marine Fisheries Institutes by the end of 2020.

“Our goal is to be one among the world’s most innovative marine facilities,” Ali added.

The facility would be located on the shore of the Bay of Aqaba in Al-Maghreb, a coastal area in the north of Iraq.

“All of this will be part of an investment project to improve the marine environment in the region and improve the production of marine products,” Ali claimed.

“They will help the region become an international hub for marine industries and marine resources.”

In addition to developing the marine plants, the Iraqi government is building a new marine terminal in the port of Mahdi, in an area near the northern city of Irbil.

It will have three terminal plants and two marine ports, which are currently operational, according the Marine Administration.

Iraq has also begun the process to acquire some of the existing facilities.

“As part of our project to expand the marine plant in the Gulf, we have also established a new facility in the Bishkek port area,” Ali stressed.

“That facility is the biggest in the world.

It has a total capacity of 5,000,000 cubic meters and is located in a big area.

We have also set up a marine plant for the production and export of fish and shellfish in the eastern part of that region.”

The Marine Fisheries Department has been able obtain the facility for free, but a new Marine Fisheries institute is also needed to cover the full cost of the new marine plant, according Ali.

Development Is Supported By

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