The world could become a fish paradise if everyone stopped using fish oils, according to a new study.

The finding has implications for the health of the world’s oceans and could also have implications for people’s diets.

The researchers, who studied marine fish in the Gulf of Mexico, found that the vast majority of fish eaten by people are actually farmed.

“This finding means that we could potentially see a much healthier world if we focus on sustainability,” said lead researcher Dr. Ravi Prasad of the University of Sheffield.

“We think this could mean that we would be able to eat far less meat and dairy products and eat far more seafood and fresh fish.”

This new study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, looked at the diet of nearly 5,000 individuals around the world.

They compared the diets of the people eating them with those of the fish and invertebrate species that are consumed by humans.

They found that nearly half of the global fish eaters are in tropical and subtropical regions, and that half of these people also ate some of the most expensive fish.

The fish eaten was from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, with a median value of $1,300.

The study also showed that most of the humans eating fish had a high intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to a range of health benefits, including lower rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

However, a quarter of the participants in the study had no omega- 3 fatty acids at all, indicating that people are not consuming enough omega-6s to have a healthy diet.

“The fact that we’re getting less omega- 6s in our diets is very surprising and very alarming, and it raises very serious questions about the health impact of fish,” said Dr. Prasam.

“It’s a very large part of the diet and it could be very detrimental to human health.”

A lot of people eat too much omega- 7s, but a lot of the evidence suggests that eating fish is a good thing, and a healthy thing.””

The researchers are doing a lot more work on this topic.

There are also studies in the UK that look at the health effects of eating fish, and these are encouraging.

“Dr. Prase said he and his team had been surprised by the results, and hoped to follow up on it in future.”

There is some good evidence for the consumption of omega 3s in fish and fish oil,” he said.”

However, this has not been rigorously studied, so we don’t yet have any clear evidence that it’s a good or bad thing.

“I hope that these results are helpful to people and they will lead to a more informed consumption of fish.”

Dr Prasamy and his colleagues have been studying fish consumption for more than a decade, with their previous findings in humans.

The findings also have potential implications for human health and the environment.

“Fishing is a huge source of food for the oceans, but we also need to be concerned about what happens to the environment when we do that,” Dr. Maureen McLean, an environmental scientist at the University and co-author of the study, told The Independent.

“If you take fish out of the environment and it goes to the oceans for consumption, that can have a huge impact on the oceans environment.

That’s something we need to think about.””

There are already measures in place to help protect the ocean environment and people’s health, and we can do that in our own way.”

Dr McLean said the findings could have implications not just for the food we eat, but also for the way we live.

“When you take our lifestyle into account, fish consumption could have big impacts on our health,” she said.

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