Retailers, including Costco, are taking on an even bigger role in the world’s seafood market.

With the introduction of a new, nationwide brand called Seafood Plus, the retailer has expanded its reach into the seafood supply chain.

But there’s a catch: You have to buy your seafood in bulk.

Read moreWhat’s the catch?

Costco sells its products at a much lower price than its rivals.

And its pricing on seafood is based on a percentage of the weight of the fish and is not subject to weight and volume restrictions.

The retailer says it will start charging consumers more for bulk purchases in the coming months.

The company’s plan will see the price of fresh seafood increase by a certain amount every month.

The increase will be set by the weight and percentage of seafood purchased by consumers.

Costco will also introduce new pricing and promotional programs to boost its bottom line.

But it’s not just the price that will go up.

The Costco price increases are based on the weight, volume and quality of seafood.

The grocer says that the new pricing will include discounts on seafood purchased through a Costco Prime program.

The discount will start at $3.49 per pound, and will go as high as $5.99 per pound.

For instance, customers will be able to save up to $2 off a package of tuna with a Costco purchase of up to two pounds of tuna.

Costco’s pricing on bulk seafood is not affected by weight, quantity or quality restrictions.

Costco says it has increased its pricing for a variety of fish from both a national and regional perspective.

It has also been adding more fish to its retail menu.

For the first time, the company is adding a selection of salmon to its fresh seafood section.

The salmon is sold as a whole fish and contains a combination of the three main nutrients in salmon: omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins D and E. The seafood section will offer a selection with both fresh and frozen varieties.

Costco also has added a selection for customers looking for more traditional seafood.

A new, regional, product offering will also be available for the first times this spring.

This will be called Fresh Fish, and it will feature a fresh selection of fish, including salmon, halibut, herring and shrimp.

Costco is offering this new product at a price of $3 per pound for fresh fish.

For frozen fish, Costco has launched a Fresh Fish Frozen Fish section, and customers will also have the option to get a frozen fish at a lower price of up $1.49.

The Fresh Fish section is available on the Costco website and in grocery stores across the country.

The Costco Fresh Fish website is also available for online ordering, and online shoppers can browse the entire store for fresh seafood.

Costco expects Fresh Fish to reach more customers in the next year than it did in 2016, when Fresh Fish had only 2 million customers.

Costco hopes that Fresh Fish will help boost its sales by about 50 per cent this year.

But even if the Fresh Fish program continues to increase sales, Costco’s new pricing strategy will not necessarily boost the price for customers.

Customers will still have to pay the full retail price for their seafood.

In an interview with Business Insider, Costco marketing director Joe Pizzuto said that the Fresh Meat pricing will still be lower than its competitors.

“It’s still less than the price we’re charging for a bunch of different items we have on the store shelf,” Pizzato said.

“So there is a difference there.

We are going to continue to look at our pricing and look at what’s working for our customers.”

As far as Costco’s overall strategy, Pizzito said the retailer is focused on delivering value to customers.

“Our goal is to make sure our prices are right for the consumer,” he said.

“The key thing is to do that and that’s why we’re taking the steps we’re doing right now to ensure our prices stay low.

We want to make the product more affordable for consumers and make it more attractive to the marketplace.”

Pizzuto also said that Costco is investing in technology that will help increase its delivery times.

“We have some technology in place that will improve our shipping speeds.

We’ve been working with a number of companies to do this,” he explained.

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