The patent on a marine algae that makes algae products is being used to help grow a new algae farming business in the Bahamas.

The algae, which is patented by algae production company Algalon, was developed by Algalion’s research and development group and is a component of the company’s BioGraphene.

The company is looking for investors and hopes to raise about $10 million in seed and money to expand into the Bahamas and elsewhere in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The project is in its first phase, but is expected to be able to scale up to grow algae at a commercial scale within five years, said James Brown, the company co-founder and chief executive officer.

Algae production company, Theraband, is working with Algalons research and innovation group to commercialize algae.

Brown said it will also produce algae for use in biogas production, which he said will increase the economy and contribute to the climate.

He said algae could be used to create biogase that can be used for fertilizer, fuel and other products.

He said algae has been used to produce biofuels since the 1960s and has an economic value of $3.8 billion.

Brown said algae also has a role in food production.

In the Bahamas, for example, algae is a major source of feedstock for feedlot animals, which make the feed.

Algalony algae is the same type used to make biofuel.

Brown, however, said algae farming in the United States is not allowed because of concerns about algae production.

Brown has said algae is more economical than producing feed, and said algae will not be the primary source of food in the future.

He also said algae production in the U.S. is limited by federal restrictions on the amount of algae that can grow.

He added that algae production is not a new technology, but it is a new way to grow food.

Brown told Polygon that algae can be grown on any soil, and that algae has become a major feedstock in the last 20 years.

Algalon said it has developed the algae technology and has patented it.

It says it has patented the process, which it calls an organic synthesis process.

The Algalonia group also has another company, BioGrain, which produces algae and other food products.

Development Is Supported By

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