Aquatic products maker Janata Aquatics Products (JAP) has launched a new malaria control strategy for its products in India, saying that a global strategy is needed to prevent the spread.

The company, which was founded in 1996, says that its product line has already made it into some of the world’s top 10 most-sold aquarium products.

“Our products are used in over 1.4 billion homes across the world and our products have the highest penetration of any of the Aquatic Products companies worldwide.

This is the first step towards our global strategy to eradicate malaria in our industry,” said Rajesh Kumar, Vice President of Aquatic Product Sales at Janata.

“We are confident in the ability of our products to effectively combat malaria and we are committed to working with government agencies and NGOs in our respective countries to implement this global strategy,” he added.

The plan to tackle malaria, which is endemic in India and is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium falciparum, has been a key target of the government in its drive to eradicate the parasite.

Janata says that the strategy is aimed at reducing the transmission of the parasite from farm to household and to combat the spread to wildlife, where malaria is also prevalent.

Janas products range from freshwater aquascapes to fish tanks and fish traps.

The firm is one of the largest suppliers of freshwater aquaculture and has been in the top five suppliers in the country for the last five years.

“Plasmodia is a parasite that can be transmitted by a single person to multiple species of fish,” said Kumar.

“It is spread from farm animals to wild animals and can be a major problem for wildlife and human health.”

The new strategy is part of a global effort to control the parasite, which has killed more than 1.6 million people globally in 2016, and is expected to cost the country $11.2 billion.

The disease is a parasitic infection that is spread through the bite of an infected animal.

The parasite is transmitted through the blood and saliva of infected animals.

While malaria is not a global disease, it is a global public health problem, with more than 80 countries having declared an international malaria eradication initiative.

India, one of India’s largest economies, has recorded more than 5,000 cases of malaria since the beginning of the year.

India has a large population of poor people and poor farmers and this contributes to the spread, experts said.

The new malaria strategy, announced by the company in a press release, aims to tackle the spread through education, outreach and prevention measures.

The campaign also includes a call to action for the farmers and the fishers to adopt new technologies to combat malaria.

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