There are a lot of things to eat in Canada.

It’s easy to forget the fact that many of the best foods are found in the oceans, from fish to crustaceans, and even shellfish.

But even the best food comes with a few drawbacks, and we wanted to know how much fish is actually eating in your local waters.

To find out, we asked oceanographer Jennifer Reiss, who is a research associate at the Centre for the Study of the Environment at the University of British Columbia, to answer our questions.

We asked her to rank the average amount of fish she thinks is eating each day in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Reiss ranked the countries according to the average fish consumption per person per year, based on data from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

We also included data from Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which uses the same data for the U of T’s Aquatic Products List.

This list is compiled from public surveys and information collected by the Canadian Marine Fisheries Service (CMFS), Canada’s fisheries regulator, and includes the catch, size and types of fish.

Reisd’s data also showed that the amount of seafood eaten by Canadians was on par with that of other countries in the world, and the amount consumed in the U!

The United States is a major fish producer and consumer, and has the highest amount of catch and fish, but it also has the second-highest consumption of fish, behind only the United Kingdom.

The U.K. consumes almost four times as much fish as the U, and consumes almost two times as many of its own species.

Here’s a look at the U-S.

and Canada’s food sources.

Top 20 fish-eating countries: US: 7,937 tons Canadian: 2,749 tons Mexico: 2.9 tons Top 20 seafood-eating areas: U. S.: 19.8 million hectares U. Canada: 10.4 million hectares Mexico: 8.3 million hectares In Canada, the average catch per person in the country is 7.9 tonnes per year.

That’s a lot.

But while the average catches per person are high, it’s not nearly as high as in the US, which has the most people per square kilometre, and more than seven times as high for seafood, at more than 10.3 tonnes per person.

That means the U and Canada both consume about 7.5 tonnes of fish per person annually, while the U S. consumes 6.7 tonnes.

However, the two countries also have far more seafood, and consume about 1.3 times more seafood per person than the U U. The average catch in the top 20 countries is almost double the U s catch in Canada, and about 4.5 times higher than the Mexico s catch.

Canada is also the world’s biggest seafood consumer, with a catch of 1.6 tonnes per capita.

The top 20 seafood consumers in the global seafood market are: United States: 8,068 tons Mexico : 4,839 tons Canada: 3,942 tons Mexico is also one of the top fish producers in the Americas, accounting for about 10% of the total global catch.

In terms of fish consumption, Canada is ahead of most of its neighbors in terms of catch.

The US has the third-largest catch per capita, at 1,636 tonnes, followed by Mexico with 1,413 tonnes and the Us with 1.2 tonnes.

In the top 15 seafood markets, the U States has the biggest fish market share, with 4.4% of global fish market, followed closely by Mexico at 3.4%.

For more information, see “The US fish market: A look at U. s seafood catch and consumption.”

The U of S Aquatic Product List lists some of the fish species that are considered to be important for fish production in the North American Aquatic Sciences Community.

It also lists a few other species that aren’t listed on the list, such as the yellowtail and whitefin tuna.

It lists a large number of freshwater fish species, including salmon, perch, and bass.

The list includes species that can be eaten raw, but the U is not a major fishery.

Top 10 freshwater fish: Whitefin tuna (Aurora musculus) : 856 tonnes Bass (Bluegill) : 945 tonnes Blacktip (Lophophora capensis) : 684 tonnes Great white (Carcharodon carcharias) : 1,005 tonnes Yellowtail (Aureolus brevis) : 738 tonnes Bass, bluegill, kingfish (Carpurus carpurus) : 5,846 tonnes Whitefish (Arctos floejani) : 456 tonnes Top 10 aquatic plants: Bluegrass (Salix alba) : 12,936 tonnes Whitecress (Solanum tuberosum) : 11,566

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