The Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday it will review the current certification of the first species of fish sold at the aquarium industry’s largest retailers in California and Florida, a move that will allow aquarium operators to sell the first fish to the public at retail.

EPA officials have said for years that aquariums are a good investment, but the agency is now taking the first step in a process that could ultimately lead to a ban on aquarium sales in the states.

The decision is part of the agency’s effort to address a growing number of aquatic products that have come to market under an exemption for fish and invertebrates.

The agency has said that the products should not be used in aquaria.

In June, the EPA banned aquariums from selling aquarium products.

While aquariums can sell fish, aquaria can also produce and sell aquarium products, including aquatic products.

The products come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials, but they are all considered to be aquatic products under the EPA’s rules.

Last week, the agency announced it will begin a new review of aquarium products in the future.

“We want to get this review out of the way and get a good review of the product,” said Mike Zolotow, EPA’s deputy administrator for aquatic products, in an interview with the Associated Press.

“We want people to have a better understanding of the products and then we’ll look at how to move forward.”

The decision follows the release last week of a new study by a research group from Duke University and the University of Miami that found that aquaria produce significantly less harmful pollutants than other aquatic systems.

The researchers compared the levels of pollutants found in fish and other aquatic products in California’s Aquarium Products and Aquatic Products Exemption, and found that fish and aquarium products produced a combined 0.08 parts per billion of pollutants.

The researchers also found that more than 90 percent of the pollutants produced by fish and aquatic products were not toxic.

But they also said that a majority of fish and seafood products produced in California contained less than 0.2 parts per million of pollutants, a level that is nearly five times the EPA limit for all aquatic products combined.

The study, by scientists from Duke, the University and NOAA, concluded that the state should have a one-year moratorium on aquariums sales until the agency can determine how to best regulate aquariums.

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