Some aquatic products such as fish tanks, fish pots, and water filters have been linked to the growth of algae in humans, according to research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Key points:Researchers found a link between a product’s aquatic life and the risk of human infectionsThere are two types of algae that cause a condition called ‘aquatic bacillus’ that is often fatal, with human infections linked to both typesThe researchers found the same type of algae causes human infections, but only in people who consume the same product.

The research is the first to link a product to an increase in the number of human cases of the bacterium bacteria associated with aquatic life.

It was conducted by scientists from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Department of Agriculture, the University of California at Davis, and the University at Buffalo.

The study, conducted at two sites in the United States, looked at the growth rates of a group of commercially available aquatic products.

Fish tank systems are the most common way of storing fish and the products found in most households are generally made of glass and plastic, according a spokesperson for the EPA.

But many products, including fish tanks and fish pots and filters, can be contaminated with bacteria, especially those that live in the body.

“This study shows that we have to be very careful when using these products and be very cautious about how we use them,” said Dr Caroline Ramey, an EPA microbiologist and the study’s lead author.

The researchers compared the growth rate of samples from fish tanks with the growth levels of samples of commercially produced products.

They found that a product with a high concentration of aquatic life – such as aquarium fish tanks – was more likely to contain higher concentrations of aquatic bacteria, compared to a product without any aquatic life in it.

This increased likelihood of contamination was even higher for products that were more common in commercial aquaria.

Products that contained aquatic life were more likely than products without aquatic life to have a higher concentration of bacteria in the water, the researchers found.

“The amount of aquatic algae in fish tanks is so small that the amount of water we would need to put in the tank to increase the concentration of that algae in the fish tanks would be minimal,” Dr Rameys said.

“We have a lot of bacteria, so there would have to have been a lot more water in the aquarium than is available in commercial fish tanks.”

This is a good thing.

It’s probably not a bad thing.

But this study is important because it gives us an idea of what’s really going on in the food chain, she said.

Dr Rameyns study also found that products with a low concentration of fish life had lower levels of aquatic organisms, suggesting that they might be less prone to being contaminated with aquatic bacteria.

“Fish tank and aquarium fish are a great source of food for people,” she said, but “there’s a lot going on underneath.”

Fish tanks and aquariums also provide a large amount of oxygen for aquatic organisms.

“They can actually get oxygen from the atmosphere, which is pretty nice for these organisms,” Dr Molloy said.

But in terms of the potential for human infections from fish and aquarium products, the study shows there’s no evidence that this is a problem, she added.

“There’s definitely no reason why this would be problematic,” Dr Michael Molloys research director at the University Buffalo said.

There’s also no evidence to suggest that aquariums are any more safe than fish tanks.

The authors of the study did not find any evidence that the types of aquatic products were the cause of the increased human cases.

Dr Mollores research has found that in the past, fish tank and fish systems have also been found to contain a range of harmful bacteria.

This study does not prove that aquarium fish systems are any less safe than aquaria, but it does show there’s a need to be more careful about what you put in your tank, she concluded.

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