An algae-killing algae product, known as Brightwells Aquatics Products, was banned by the Food and Drug Administration in July after it was linked to serious bacterial outbreaks in New York, Texas and California.

In a letter to Congress, the FDA said it “found that this product was not in compliance with FDA’s requirements for the manufacture of an approved algae product.”

The product is now banned by several states and a number of foreign countries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, algae-based products may cause serious health problems in humans, but that’s not the case with algae-derived products.

The FDA noted that Brightwell, which has over 20,000 products on its website, was only made available in India and South Africa, two countries with strict regulatory requirements for algae products.

Brightwell’s algae-containing products are sold in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.

The agency also said it will ban Brightwell products from the United States.

The Food and Drugs Administration, which approved Brightwell in September, said in a statement that it was “aware of recent reports of potential safety issues related to the use of Brightwell Aquatic Products.”

The agency said it was reviewing the reports.

According a statement by the company, the algae products are formulated in a lab and manufactured with purified water from natural algae sources.

The company said that the algae is not tested on humans, animals or crops.

Brightwater’s products are approved for use in fish tanks, ponds and other aquatic environments.

The algae-product is sold by a range of companies in India.

A Brightwell representative told CNN that the company had “made changes to the product formulation to ensure the safety of our product.”

“In the U.S., we have not found any serious adverse health effects associated with this product,” the company said in its statement.

“However, our product in India is not approved by the FDA, so we are still reviewing the safety data.”

Brightwell has also come under fire for not disclosing the ingredients of its algae-powered products.

In September, CNN’s Amber Ross reported on a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture over the company’s algae products that were sold in California, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

The lawsuit alleged that the products contained “an extremely high concentration of an ingredient called phosphorous” and “an incredibly high concentration” of aluminum, among other chemicals, which “can lead to toxicity and carcinogenicity.”

The California lawsuit also claimed that Brightwater products contained arsenic and lead, among others.

“Brightwells has been repeatedly forced to disclose these ingredients in the product labeling,” the lawsuit said.

In an email to CNN, a spokesperson for Brightwell said that “the company has updated its label with the information that is available from the EPA.”

In the wake of the California lawsuit, Brightwell issued a statement saying it “remains committed to protecting the public and complying with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act and FDA.”

The company told Ross that it has also taken steps to remove any trace of the arsenic and cadmium from its products.

“Our customers are the ones who make the products, so it’s important for us to do all we can to protect their health and safety,” the statement read.

Brightwood, which was founded in 2008, also announced that it will sell its algae products in India in the coming months.

“We are committed to continuing to work with the FDA and other regulatory agencies in the U,S.

to ensure our products comply with FDA standards and are safe and effective for aquatic life,” the spokesperson said.

“With these changes in the regulations, we are taking the time to review our products and further improve our safety practices.”

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