Friedrich Aquatics products in Australia banned over pollution concerns

AUSTRALIA has banned a range of Friedrich Aquatic Products products after concerns were raised about the company’s packaging and handling procedures.

The federal Food and Drug Administration said on Tuesday that it had ordered the firm to stop manufacturing or importing products that may be contaminated with cyanide.

Fritz Aquatics Australia Ltd is a distributor of Friedrich products, which include the aquarium-products-and-bottles line, the Aquatics Plus line and the Aquatic Pro Plus line.

The company also has a website.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said in a statement that it was looking into the company and the handling of cyanide in its supply chain.

Friedrich Aquatics, based in Queensland, had received a warning from the regulator that it would not be allowed to produce cyanide-contaminated products in its facilities in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

The commission said it would also consider any further action taken by the company to ensure the safety of the environment.

“This is an important step in the process to ensure that all our products are safe to use, and we have asked our suppliers to cease production of these products in accordance with the new product safety rules,” the commission said.

“Fritz’s products are not listed as a product on our website and there is no evidence that the cyanide content has been determined by the Australian Government.”

Fritz is a subsidiary of French company Diamant, which has more than 400 facilities worldwide.

Diamant said in an email that the company was aware of the commission’s decision and that it welcomed the regulatory action.

The statement added that the supplier has agreed to provide a sample of its products to the regulator and will continue to provide samples to the commission.

Frazer Parsons, who founded the company, said it had made significant progress since the warning, which he said had been a long-awaited and welcome development.

“We are extremely proud of the progress we have made,” he said.

“This is a positive step in terms of compliance and ensuring that all products we sell are safe.”

Parsons said he was working with regulators to ensure products that were not listed on the company website were only produced in Australia.

“Our focus right now is on the safe handling of the products and ensuring they are used appropriately,” he added.

“To ensure that this is happening, we are working with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and are currently reviewing the regulations and how they are implemented.”


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